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That's it!!!

2010-03-05 09:02:22 by TaliQ

OMFG!!!I can't believe this shit...
No OpenGL I downloaded works...I tried to play Serious Sam First Encounter and guess what...
Need opengl.If anyone knows where to find it...

Abandoning account

2009-07-20 04:15:42 by TaliQ

This NG account is going to be abandoned.I will only come in a month to see if there is any impact.

Ok,Ok, noone noticed I was gone.I just got back from the Terror October.
For the whole story,look here:

5 years ago I got herpes on my left eye.I cured it.
Next year it came back.I cured it again.
Again it returned.It was cured.
The damage was too large.I had an operation.
At the end of september my eye started to reject the transplant.I have been in hospital since.
But now I'M BACK!


2008-07-14 06:21:15 by TaliQ

Due to technical problems,the work on Hellfire will be stopped until...
I dunno when.

No one is going to read this so...

2008-06-20 10:16:05 by TaliQ

There will first be a Hellfire series.
Consisting 9 parts:
1. A fallen world
2. Breakout
3. The land is free
4. Apocalypse
5. Balizaar
6. Stranded
7. The portal
8. Payback
9. The death of Balizaar

To anyone who reads this,remember:

No telling to anyone!

OK,got it!

2008-04-29 15:55:05 by TaliQ

I got the flash.I'm working on my first project called Hellfire.

The ETA for Hellfire is about august 2009...

I need help!

2008-04-04 14:22:07 by TaliQ

I'm working on a game called 'Helfire',but I don't have any flash programs yet.
If you know where I can download them,pllllllllz PM me!
I'd be very grateful!

I'l respond to any PM!